And then you show 'friend' your enemy on social media

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The transparent tricks scammers to get money, are passe. Swindlers go with the times


Can you actually trust your friends? Social media is not always the case. Increasingly scammers crawl into the skin of an acquaintance of yours to extort money from you.

The emails you get from a friend of a friend and as his sister, which begged for help to those helping out the fire, we now know it. Although there are always people who smash it, nor the swindlers through that they must pull off to another vessel.

CROOK padded
And so they are becoming more inventive, so also notes the Fraud Helpdesk. "A mother who thought her daughter get out to help financially hard times, made without them knew hundreds of euros on a crook", the help desk for example.

"Mom, can you help me? My account is locked and I need to pay off two delays, including one of the health insurance. "

Two appjes got the mother last week of her daughter. The request for help seemed serious. For unknown reasons the bank account of the daughter was locked, so he told. And that a mother's heart can not tolerate course.

It was the mother also noticed that the WhatsApp message originated from an unknown number. But the profile picture really was that of her daughter. Which just has a new job and so this will probably be its new business number, so did Mom. She decided to help and made about 1700 euros.

But a picture is as plucked from the web and Facebook to trace the often simple whose mother, father or best friend is someone.

If the mother contradicts her daughter, who then turns out to know nothing of a payment backlog.

The method that the scammer has used similar to the trick that a few weeks ago was widely used through Facebook. Fraud Helpdesk received a considerable number of reports on that in which couples are abused by a common profile.

Quite a few couples have a joint profile on Facebook. This profile is often public and the information that is available on it by anyone. Scammers then start a new profile with only the data and pictures of the couple.

Contacts from the old joint profile have a new friend request from that person. Shortly thereafter, following a message, with the story that the man wants to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday. Or the friends also want to contribute to a gift ...

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