Amsterdam nightlife mourns murdered Latumahina

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The 31-year-old Djordy Latumahina was murdered in front of his girlfriend and child. Because of the cold-blooded murder of Djordy, which among other things is known as a DJ in Amsterdam's nightlife, Amsterdam's nightlife is in mourning.


"Tonight our doors remain closed," Jimmy Woo reports on their Facebook page. On Sunday there standard R & B party The Boom Boom Room location, but that party is Sunday canceled at the last minute. "We do not want to party tonight. Amsterdam has one of his best men lost yesterday, for nothing. "

Latumahina was shot Saturday afternoon around 17:30 in his car in a car park at the Queen Wilhelmina Square. His girlfriend was also hit and is still in the hospital according to AT5. The daughter of Latumahina remained unaffected. Friends of DJ and programmer club Bittersweet sure that it is a mistake, they report in De Telegraaf.

The people of Jimmy Woo his disbelief: "We are all in shock and can not believe that this man, one of the most beloved people of Amsterdam's nightlife, known and loved by everyone, is suddenly taken from us. So unexpectedly, too soon and too suddenly. "

"We do not want to party tonight. Instead, we think of you, our friend, Djordy Latumahina. You will be missed by everyone. We send our love, thoughts and prayers to your family and the family of your girlfriend. Rest in peace Djordy. We all love you. "

Disco Dolly is also silent on the death of Latumahina. "Where a day ago radiant smiling face life, you will be taken tonight brutally killed. Why? Nobody knows, "said the people behind Disco Dolly on Facebook. However, they open their doors well before the party Sloppy Sundaes also to reflect on the death of Latumahina. "Tonight we drink to you Djordy. That makes them up just as crazy as a friend here! "They proclaim.

By Editors Metro News Photo: Djordy Latumahina. / Facebook

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