NS traveler sometimes pays full price with discount card

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NS travelers who travel around the end of the peak, must pay the full price for their entire trip.


Until recently re-check a traveler with a discount card in the peak hours at an intermediate station. Then if that happened after 9 pm, the passenger got 40 percent off. But the railway has changed the conditions, so this trick does not work anymore.

It reports the Volkskrant. Who has a discount card, can get outside peak hours (between 6.30 and 9.00 am and afternoon from 16:00 to 18:30 pm) with 40 percent discount. But sometimes it is something else.

The newspaper gives a specific example: who travels to 8:54 Hague to Nijmegen, pay for the whole trip the full amount. Previously it was possible to Utrecht, which must be changed, check in again. Since the traveler comes to 9:31 pm - and that's outside peak hours. The passenger would then between Utrecht and Nijmegen get 40 percent discount.

But the NS 1 September adapted the system: the traveler will only discount if a minimum of 35 minutes between the check is. But it is seldom that a traveler has so many switching time. Travelers can then so forget about their rebate. NS and passenger organizations have a stream of complaints since last month inside.

The NS changes just made to meet other travelers. At twelve stations, people who want to switch, through gates to get on another platform. They have to check in again. They therefore sometimes have the second part of their journey to pay the full rate as they had begun their journey in off-peak hours. Therefore, the railway now uses the time that someone has checked in for the first time as a benchmark: it determines whether someone may or may not receive a discount.

According to the NS group travelers who are now affected by the new system "small". But who has the problem, it is recommended to buy a second public transport smartcard. This enables them to take the first part of the trip, with the full fee must be paid. They can check their interchange with their discount card. The passenger can purchase an e-ticket for the part is taken in the rush hour.

And for those who do good will travel in the rush hour with discount: check five minutes before rush hour - if you get on the train after 16 hours, you get 40 percent off anyway.

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