Elderly lady wins 150,000 euros after burning house

Gepubliceerd op 10 oktober 2016 om 11:29

For many there will sometimes still a slight jealousy when someone else wins the lottery. But that feeling can everyone dismiss after the episode of Miljoenenjacht Sunday.


There was presenter Nicolette van Dam, a woman thrilled with 150,000 euros. Her kitchen was in fact just burned down.

Of Axis Mrs van Dijk's kitchen from Aalten is covered with soot, so they will stay when the price falls to her sister. Van Dam has no idea that the old lady could use the money while the woman does not know what awaits her if Nicolette the door.

As of Van Dijk therefore do not really know whether they Nicolette and the camera crew must be let into the house of her sister. Fortunately Nicolette insists lot of flops and the company's bank and tells the lady, "Madam, you do not understand how you get situated. My house has just burned down. "

Van Dam is surprised. "This is obviously extraordinary," continues the winner. "My kitchen is burned and my whole house is covered in soot, so I'm not where I stand am and arrive." Then Nicolette writes the amount of 150,000 euros and the tears in the eyes of the lady age. "No, this is incredible. This is a dream. Oh, now I have no more worries. "

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