Syrian binds terror suspect fixed and calls police

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German police after a long manhunt arrested terror suspect who was wanted for massively since Saturday morning. In the night from Sunday to Monday, the man was a migrant from Syria, was arrested in the German city of Leipzig. He would have been tied up by a countryman, who then called the police.


Saturday, a district in the Saxon town of Chemnitz was completed. Heavily armed police attacked several homes in the neighborhood in, after using the intelligence services had received a tip from a bomb that would be committed in the short term. The man was searched, the 22-year-old Jaber al-Bakr, then was not found, but in an apartment or have found substances with which a bomb could be made. It would be a few hundred grams of a "highly explosive" and chemicals, as German media report.

In the night from Sunday to Monday he was caught yet. According to the German magazine Spiegel al-Bakr would have approached a Syrian at the train station, asking if he could move in with him. The man who was approached, decided to take him home but in fact enabled them police. The officers found the suspect in the house - he was tied up.

According to Spiegel escaped al-Bakr Saturday at the last minute to the massive police action. He fled just after 7 o'clock in the morning from his house, which was already observed at the time. The agents are then fired a warning shot, but that did not stop al-Bakr.

Which managed to escape the terror suspect, is because the police at that time the action still was preparing. It is not clear whether al-Bakr knew he would be arrested, or by chance at that time left the house.

Police have deposited thereon and evacuated part of the neighborhood. Other residents were asked to stay indoors. The bird appeared already flown. Saxon police will enable it to be overjoyed that al-Bakr now been arrested yet.

From online conversations show that al-Bakr was in contact with members of IS terror group. There was already a target is chosen: the Berlin airport. Other details about the imminent attack on hands are not yet known.

By Editors Metro News Photo: Image: Police in the German state of Saxony

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