'Sex Hostess' brings Transavia embarrassment

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A female purser (46) Transavia seriously embarrassed her diary full of adventures with colleagues. Among them pilots with whom she even would have had in-flight sex. The deceived woman's husband wants to bring everything out but a lawsuit must prevent that.



The diary filled with sexual escapades, stored in the laptop woman puts a bomb under the privacy of the Transavia crew. The names of mostly married crew threaten to come up on the street. The stewardesses-boss is trying to prevent this. They filed a lawsuit against her husband that October 24 is for the court in The Hague.

Mother of four children '
The purser, reportedly a mother of four children, is supported in her going to court by her employer because both its reputation as the crew is at stake mentioned by name, reports aviationwatch.nl on its site.

The female purser would not only have had sex with colleagues in hotels on destinations but also on board aircraft. The crew area to the cockpit to it. Her husband was after discovering digital diary of his wife 'revealing mails "sent to the crew.

Transavia confirmed the news this morning brought out by The Associated Press, but would otherwise little to lose. The airline said already to have taken note of the 'signals' which is now being discussed. "We take this kind of signals very seriously and have therefore investigated the matter. This study shows that the safety of our passengers in any way been involved, "says in a press statement.

The subsidiary of KLM-Air France says the issue be discussed with stakeholders. On the content of the conversations she does not notices. "We consider the dissemination of private information inappropriate because it brings those involved in serious embarrassment. important principle of our personnel is that we take care of our employees. "

Transavia speaks messages against which she asked her staff to remain silent on the matter. Employees According to keep her only asked consider each other to be collegial.

Aviation Inspection
The aviation authority is aware of the 'seksrel' but committed according aviationwatch.nl the view that the airline has to solve the case.

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