Officials do contest 'skull cast' on Belgian cemetery

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The Brussels municipality of Forest is embarrassed after recently surfaced photos. Then we see how three workers put out the proverbial flowers in the cemetery.


The suspended trio would there have organized regular parties and barbecues, where alcohol flowed freely and even competitions 'skull cast' were held. This writes the newspaper La Dernière Heure.

A colleague of the three municipal workers malpractice recently brought out. The man was often late for work and had called in sick several times, so he had to appear before the Board in June. There he told him what was happening among colleagues.

The staff member told how he was subjected to daily harassment. ,, I tried to integrate myself in the group, but I would have nothing to do with it, "said the witness. ,, This is unacceptable." Some former colleagues acknowledge wrongs: ,, They drank a whole day at the cemetery. "

The three went even one step further and insinuated that they have a moment just wanted to spend a corpse ', clearly referring to necrophilia.

The man could prove his story with photographs of parties in the cemetery. In the photos, which were taken between September 2014 and April 2016, is to see how to keep employees with a skull in his hand a game of "skull throw or take suggestive poses on a grave.

The trio was suspended in September with full pay. The City Council will have mercy on Tuesday further consequences for the employees. Mayor Jean-Marc Ghyssels will hold talks with all colleagues within the town.

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