Black doctor can not help air passengers

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The American Tamika Cross is angry at the airline company Delta Airlines. She was in his own words discriminated against by the cabin crew. Cross is a doctor and wanted to help a passenger in distress, but was told by a flight attendant that she sought only "real doctors".


Cross flying from Detroit to her hometown of Houston, where she works as a gynecologist, as two rows for her husband is unwell. "I heard his partner call for help because the man unresponsive. I am a doctor and wanted to help. "She was a flight attendant told immediately that it was a panic attack and that it rang again. A few minutes later it went wrong again.

"When it was asked for a doctor by the chief steward. I am a doctor and raised my hand, but was soon interrupted by a flight attendant. "No honey, you do hand but down. We're looking for real doctors and do not have time to talk to you. ' "Tamika tried to convince the crew, but she did not believe her.

Not much later, you hear a call through the intercom. Whether there are doctors are present in the plane. "Then press your button, they said. So I did. When the stewardess, very surprised came back to me. They asked me many questions. Where I work, why I was in Detroit. And all this while the man needed help. "

Tamika may involve and answered questions. Before the "test" has passed, however, is there a white man would be that doctor. He gets no questions and may help the victim.Ultimately, still helped the gynecologist from Houston. "I had some bad words ready, luckily I could not keep it."

The woman shared her story on Facebook. At this moment it is already shared more than 44 thousand times. Tamika is angry and wants to know nothing of the excuses that were later offered by the cabin crew. "This was discrimination and that can not. They will not get away with this. "

Meanwhile Artemis Medical Society, an organization that defends the position of black female doctors, sent a letter to Delta Airlines. The letter asked them to investigate the matter properly.

And that is exactly what is happening now, according to a statement from the airline. In the statement says Delta Airlines Tamika personally will approach to find out what exactly happened.

According to Delta, there were three doctors on board and one of them could actually prove that he or she was a doctor. If someone says to his doctor, but can not prove, should attendants according to a protocol ask some questions to make sure that the person is actually medically trained.

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