Cell for ex-cop and partner after child abuse

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A former cop (49) and his partner (41) were sentenced by the court in Arnhem to three years in prison, one year probation. The two abused a minor boy for nearly three years.


Wehn the sexual abuse began in 2013 was the victim twelve years old. The boy was an acquaintance of the couple. He was good friends with the resident foster son of the two, and thus was often on the floor. He also became a regular guest at the convicted couple.

The victim was severely put to say anything under pressure after it was touched for the first time in a sauna. That kept the boy for some time full, but at some point he told it anyway to friends and began to roll the case.


The former policeman was arrested eleven months ago for a sex crime in their own time. He was held right outside function and late May followed dismissal.

The two suspects denied the abuse first, but eventually gave far. In interviews showed that they had not only abused the child at home. Also at campsites in Zandvoort, Limburg and Spain assaulted the two adhere to the boy.


The couple also was on trial for making and possessing child pornography. The court gave the former policeman regret. "It's definitely not been good. I should have known better, "he said, according to The Telegraph . The abused boy's father was furious. "Sorry you have after one ring. Not after several times over a period of three years. "

Research has shown that the men have psychological problems, and therefor need to be treated. The now 14-year-old victims receive compensation of 8,400 euros.

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