'Dutch Gülen movement members must donate large sums under pressure'

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According to former members of the Dutch Gülen movement members are put under pressure to donate large sums. Even so much that some people it go bankrupt. Tell that seven former members of the Volkskrant.


According to the dropouts are events throughout the country organized to generate money. The Gülen movement here has enormous amounts according to the men.Sometimes more than one million euros per meeting. The money should go to charity, but only some will actually come here, they say.

High-abi, a brother, and participate at these meetings the word and example, talks about poverty in Africa and that schools should be built. Then the AIF walks into the room and stops at one of the attendants to ask how much he is going to donate point-blank, according to the former members. Sometimes the AIF will find the amount insufficient and someone urged to give more.

"We were raised '

According to the 33-year-old garage owner Mustafa Acer only entrepreneurs invited to the meetings. "An AIF has raised us that evening to donate. For the poor people had higher", he told the newspaper. "At one point, someone stuck a finger I give 10,000 Someone else called 50 someone 60. I thought. How can someone donate so much with a bike shop, then you have to sell a lot of bikes?".

The amounts do not have to be paid immediately, telling the former members. The AIF comes along every week to collect the money. According to Murat Eren go some entrepreneurs donations broken. Eren was 16, 17 when he went to a meeting and then ran an internship at a clothing store. "I was persuaded to donate 2,000 euros. In the end I paid 1,000 euros, but the AIF was sitting behind me." Eren also says that his boss had three branches, but one shop on. "

under pressure

The Gülen movement is under pressure to come to the stand following the failed coup in Turkey. According to Erdogan, the cleric Fethullah Gülen would be the brains behind the failed coup. The seven former gülenisten according to the Volkskrant stepped all over for the failed coup of the movement. Or the fundraising after the attempted coup are still going the same way, the Turkish men do not know. There is, they changed a lot after this event within the organization.

The seven do not know all of each other. Some are now a follower of the Turkish President Erdogan, there is a floating voter and one called 'choice of two evils "choice between Erdogan and Gulen.

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