"Chaos at guards of the king and politicians'

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Great restlessness in the main security service of the country. By corruption, heavy workload and many distrust is difficult politicians and members of the royal family to secure still good.


That reports De Telegraaf , which says in the possession of an internal report of the Safety and Security Department (DBB) of the National Unity of police. "The atmosphere within the DBB is completely ruined," so begins the report. "The mutual mistrust is huge. Managers are only working to improve their own position. There walk" dozens of lawsuits "on labor issues."

Chefs would give themselves preferential treatment. Thus operational expert William K., who deals with the purchase of official vehicles and 'Chief Fleet Royal Family "is, have signed a deal with a car dealer. In exchange for an Audi he promised to purchase cars from the seller.


Also, an observation team from the DBB chef Sander St. spotted in an official in The Hague.He was visiting his mother while he actually was on duty and had been on the Eikenhorst in Wassenaar for a visit to the royal couple.

According to De Telegraaf employees speak about a "culture of fear" and they hardly dare to criticize managers. In addition, guards hardly trained by the heavy workload. Because the guards have to meet all kinds of requirements, the key requirements are scaled down considerably.

No training

"If employees do not even get the keys, instructors go aside with them, while the group drinks coffee. One later that fellow yet passed the re-examination", it says, according to De Telegraaf wrote in the report. Even the Royal Family protection officers would be called in a management consulting invariably 'tattooed apes.

Jan Struijs, president of the Dutch Police Union, recognizes this problem. "The union also received reports that there are too few trained by the workers," he told RTL Nieuws. "Also, at least ten men and women came forward because of abuses."

No healthy corporate

According Struijs the problems with the DBB, where about 400 people work for over a year ongoing. "There is a lot of mistrust and there is no healthy corporate culture," he says."Employees get little support and are not guided professional. The atmosphere is unpleasant and people are pitted against each other."

According to the President, there are many studies going on within the service. "Over more than a month, the research completed for the corporate and measures can be taken."

Anonymous reports

"There are people who anonymously make a report of abuse in the media, by politicians or by the union," said Struijs. "Subsequently, we examine who did the report, instead of the abuses to be addressed."

"I find it admirable that these people work, despite everything, still perform as professionally," says Struijs. "They deserve more support from the top."

The National Unity say they recognize the problems and start an investigation.

By Editors RTL News: Photo: Reuters

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