It's not you if your child is a fussy eater, but you can do something about

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Why eat some children without difficulty broccoli, carrots and beets, while other children only wegkrijgen with a big load ketchup over it?

British researchers discovered that this is not situated on education, but it is largely genetically determined. Yet parents are not irretrievably lost when they have a little 'vegetable conscientious' sitting at a table. The eating habits of children can be changed, the researchers say.

Child psychologist Tischa Neve developed the online course "Weather cozy table ', which comes online in mid-November. We asked her for tips.

'Learning lust'

"If your child says he just does not like, then teach him that you" learn lust 'has some things to say to your child:. "It does not hear that you do not like, but we'll have trials example. learn the lusts. " So you make food more fun and exciting, and it is normal that they taste everything. Sometimes you have certain foods do offer fifteen times before your child likes it. "

Make a plan

"If you're not at an early age it began, not a man is still on board:. You can still teach your child to eat to" learn lust 'Set' learning lust plan on Write down what your child all already lust. and emphasize that say. look, this does not yet was fond of when you were 3 years and now then discuss what food your child still does not like and let your child choose what he would like to learn lust So you do not force it, because.. usually counterproductive. "

Make it normal

"Emphasize that eating healthy example is" healthy "quickly became a synonym for" dirty "Say instead, for example... Vegetables teach you grow bigger Make eating healthy foods just Bid raw vegetables and fruit as snack. and no candy or cake. "

reward not

"Do not say, if you vegetables on you, you may then a dessert Allows a child feels that broccoli it is very dirty, as you must be rewarded even if you eat a mother told me recently that her.. son previously inquired what was the dessert. If it was yogurt, he did not bother to eat this are carrots, but for ice cream he would do it. Give no pleasantries as he eats something healthy, because then he gets the idea that healthy food is not good. "

Do not give any other food

"What you often see is that parents are concerned whether their child is getting enough food. Fearing that they receive too little food, they go for example tack with a sandwich or a bottle. Do not do this. This allows your child learns that if he refuses, he will surely get to eat anything else. "

Get cozy

"You all sit at the table and make it cozy. Do not fight if you do not want to eat a child. A battle for food gaining your child namely forever. Many parents leave their children during dinner watch a movie, because this is the only way you receive something. I understand that this is something that grabs you when you are desperate to go, but realize you think you are in a pattern, which often comes back hard. It is useful if your child right away healthy relationship builds with food. If you eat behind the TV, you are not conscious of the food and do not feel when you're hungry or full. A child must learn to listen to his own body. Therefore, you should never see him also require everything to eat."

Should you really worry?

"Children often eat much more than you think during the day A sausage from the butcher, a piece of fruit here, a sandwich there so go by yourself after:.. Which has eaten my child and I really need to worry if your child? already eaten all sorts of healthy snacks throughout the day, such as raw vegetables or fruit, it is less important that he eats enough at dinner. "

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