Lies recognize in children is still not with it

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Do you think you can see it as lying a child? According to research you're in 52 percent of cases next.


The bridge was open, the dog ate my homework, "I have not done that." Most adults think or to know if a child is lying, but research shows that they overestimate themselves seriously.In 45 experiments nearly 10,000 children and adults, adults seem to have great difficulty to detect lies in children.

In recognizing only 47.5 percent of the adults knew a lie. That is, even to gamble by slightly worse than (50/50). Adults were a little better at estimating truth of child statements: almost 64 percent of the adults could correctly identify when a child was telling the truth.

Teacher best lie detector

The research was done to improve the police interrogation at children. Children regularly appear as witnesses or a confession, while a lie can negatively affect the law.

Adults who never work with children or were still marginally worse at spotting lies than police officers, teachers or social workers.

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