Breastfeeding during working hours? Vandana's contract was terminated

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Each young mother is entitled to breastfeed her child or pumping, even when she is at work. But it often goes wrong. As with Vandana. They filed a lawsuit against the city of The Hague, because that ended her contract when she wanted to educate her daughter.


It went wrong when Vandana returned early June of her maternity leave, she tells RTL Nieuws. "I lived five minutes from my job and gave my new manager that I wanted to breastfeed It could not, she immediately said she was given a choice:.. Or breastfeeding, or keep them there."


Vandana phoned the agency, which pointed to her her rights. Mothers in the first nine months following the birth of their child's right to express milk or breastfeed. They may also go home to feed their child. That time they have to get paid (up to a quarter of their working time).

Flasks Vandana could, but she could not from one day to another. "I had no stock. And my daughter was not used to drinking from a bottle, we had to teach her. That had cost time."

Contract ended

The second day therefore Vandana just went home to feed her daughter. "I had also indicated. But when I came back they said that my behavior could not. I had not kept the appointment me to pumping and I had not communicated well. The collaboration was terminated."

"I stood with my mouth full of teeth. I knew what my duty, but I was losing my job."

Vandana stepped to the Board for the Protection of Human Rights. That makes about six months rule. The Hague does not respond at that time.

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