Survivors Hilversum Dascha requirements specification justice

Gepubliceerd op 16 oktober 2016 om 12:12

The family of the last year in Hilversum deceased teen Dascha Graafsma requires the prosecution to file on the case to submit to them. The 16-year-old girl came in December 2015 killed in a collision with a train.


That happened after she was reported missing a few hours after a night out and had disagreements with friends.

The file includes statements from people who have played a role in the final hours of Dascha and potentially provide more clarity on the circumstances. Lawyer Sebastopol Diekstra on behalf of the relatives filed a formal request for the file to the Public Prosecution.


Police reported after investigation Dascha probably had committed suicide, but her family does not believe that. Her parents asked why a private research team, which should include pathologist Frank van de Goot, Diekstra and private investigator Joey Roelofs.

The private team led by Roelofs. "Earlier we appreciated all that the police view the camera images where Dascha was last alive, misinterpreted. We want to get all the facts on the table. To do it without any limitation include the investigation file is essential, 'says Roelofs .

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