Two people died in a fire on a houseboat Zwolle

Gepubliceerd op 16 oktober 2016 om 14:47

In Zwolle are two houseboat owners, a husband and a wife, deceased last night in a fire on their boat. The fire broke out around half past three. When the firefighters in the boat on the canal Almelo arrived, they found the two residents and their dog lifeless.


The whole front of the house is swept away on the houseboat, a few charred residue. ,, It sounded like a gas stove exploded, "says a local resident. Another witness thought he heard a whining sound.

The police are further investigating the fire, according to a fire department spokesman to exclude the existence of arson.

The fire, which had a lot of trouble to tame the fire, has long been engaged in damp down.The dead dog was taken away by the Animal Rescue.

The houseboat is on the side of the Park Wezenlanden. About 200 meters left from the Hanekamp Bridge, seen from the Wipstrik. There is also asbestos found on the boat, but it is not harmful to the environment.

By Editors AD: Photo: Pedro Shutter

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