Young heart patients get Sophia Tikkie Ring

Gepubliceerd op 17 oktober 2016 om 15:38

Children with heart problems that come up in the Erasmus MC-Sophia have now called Tikkie ring.


The first was Saturday awarded to the 14-year-old Thibault. The Tikkie Ring with rugged charms helps children to process their violent and unpleasant experiences.

In the Netherlands, approximately 30,000 children with heart problems and there are 1,500 children every year. Half of them have undergone cardiac surgery surgery or receive a catheter intervention. According to Karen Hofmann, nurse consultant of the department of pediatric cardiology, this ring is a shot in the arm.

"Many children have to undergo a lot of nasty acts and investigate and make a lot of them during their hospitalization and heart disease. This collection system helps a young patient to these events to provide a place, can serve as a reward, but also acts as a diary in which all experiencing a child. "


According to Ilse Eijkmans of The Cardiovascular Group, one of the initiators of the Tikkie ring, the ring was invented a few years ago. "Research has shown that children with heart disease need a reward. But they also want to tell their story.

So this Tikkie Ring originated. "In addition, the ring must grow much understanding. "You often see on the outside is not that something. But these children can work less well, often have an electric bike and can not always attend school. Certainly in the transition from primary to secondary school is difficult. We soon come up with an app that makes it easier to establish contacts at that time. "

Thibaut himself is pleased with the Tikkie Ring. "There is something for children like me.Then they have something to spare and every time something bad is getting a present. "

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