Ministry: lawyer Romano van der Dussen did nothing with crucial information

Gepubliceerd op 18 oktober 2016 om 11:27

Netherlands has done his best to sound Romano van der Dussen, who was convicted unfairly in Spain for rape. According to the Ministry of Van der Dussen's lawyer said after important information that was provided to the Ministry to use.


"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the cause of Romano van der Dussen played a crucial and active role," the Ministry informs after the allegations of Van der Dussen, the Netherlands has left him in the lurch.

DNA traces
Van der Dussen said yesterday on RTL News that the Netherlands knew that the semen stains found on the victim and a fingerprint on her purse were not his. "And yet I was sentenced a year later. How is that possible? I expected that the Netherlands I would jump into the breach, because DNA is not only the debt, but also proves the innocence."

The ministry says the information that the DNA traces were publicly was not his. The embassy pointed this out Spain. Van der Dussen was convicted in 2006 on the basis of other evidence, including witness statements.

"Not good arrested '
The Ministry has announced a report to draw up any significant facts surfaced came for Van der Dussen 2010. That was according to the ministry nothing done by the lawyer of Van der Dussen.

"Unfortunately, the findings were not quickly and properly picked up by his lawyer," the Ministry says. The Netherlands has forwarded the information in 2012 to a foundation. Which ultimately contributed to the release of Van der Dussen.

By Editors RTL News: Photo: Reuters

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