"Wish kill train hijackers came from The Hague '

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A Marine who was involved in 1977 with the termination of the train hijacking at De Punt says he and his colleagues were told in advance during the briefing that it was the wish of the Government that none of the Moluccan hijackers would survive. An officer had come in his specially from The Hague with that message.


Lawyer Jos Rijser writes in a statement. The ex-Marine does not want to be known by his name. The lawyer wants to contribute to establishing the truth and declare under oath.

Perpendicular to lecture cabinet
The statement is at odds with the reading of the Cabinet. According to former Minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice), who showed the comprehensive investigation, no hijackers were deliberately shot. "It was the goal to protect the hostages and liberate, not to kill the hostage takers."

The former soldier also told Marines who were ending a simultaneous Moluccan hostage in elementary school the Meenthe in Bovensmilde same desire had were told to kill the hostage takers. Afterward, he would have heard of those colleagues that "the conditions on the ground" did not meet the wishes of the government.

Netherlands to ban from hijacking
Survivors of two hijackers shot Moluccan train hijacking at The Point in 1977, the Dutch state liable earlier. According to them, the hijackers Max Papilaja and Hansina Uktolseja executed by marines while they were severely wounded and defenseless.

Netherlands was in 1977, almost three weeks under the spell of the hijacking of the intercity Assen - Groningen. After fruitless negotiations, the hijacking ended with a big, violent liberation. Six offenders and two innocent train passengers were killed.

The kidnappings took place against the background of discontent and radicalization among Moluccan youths. Some felt misunderstood, sought a private South Moluccan state and demanded that the Netherlands would work more for that ideal.

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