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The Police have images of a man who could be key to solving the liquidation of the Utrecht criminal Wout Sabee (70). The very brutal robbery of the car used in the murder was captured on camera namely on 24 June.


The day after the murder, the police discovered the getaway car in Woerden. Investigators of the study 'Podium' to the murder Sabee overtook the car was stolen in March at a garage in Waalwijk. This is despite the fact that there are false registration plates were on.

The police had incredible luck: the images of the security cameras were not yet to be cleared. So was to see how a man got into the car and drove away with the Kia dealer.

The robbery was downright brutal. The man had walked to a booth where the car keys hanging, because the car was ready to be delivered. He took the key with the car clicked open and drove away.

The images of looting are shown Tuesday invited tracing. Wim Perlot of the research team: "The man can not see very well. Yet it may be that someone recognizes him. Possibly a garage robbed the same way. Let us be happy. "

Sabee was shot dead at his home in De Meern. Two years ago, also tried to liquidate him. The 70-year-old then hit severely wounded. Sabee spoke after the earlier attack on the police and said that he had problems in the criminal circuit. Sabee refused protection.

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