Asscher: hitsers and splitters give a chance

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Deputy Prime Minister Asscher will not give a chance to the "hitsers and splitters" in the Netherlands. He said in Amsterdam, where he announced that he wants to be leader of the Labour Party.


(Asscher: I want to be party leader)

According Asscher go on whether elections in March what we want for the Netherlands. He refuses to put down there that there are groups that denounce each other and "have a recipe of hatred and exclusion."

Radical Muslims and populist fear-makers

He turned against the radical Islamists who Muslims say that they should turn against the Netherlands, but also against "populist afraid makers that anyone who called Ahmed find suspicious."

Asscher added that must be addressed all forms of discrimination and war refugees from day one to be lovingly cared for. "But let's not put too much of our overburdened neighborhoods under pressure and let's be critical about who is coming in."

Betrayal of the spine

Asscher said the hope is back in Dutch politics, which it otherwise in the workplace, in health care and in Europe. He added that he has spent the last fifteen years in various political offices experienced that change is possible. "That's why I want to take the lead." Candidate party leader said that he lies down at a Netherlands unequal opportunities.

He lashed out at coalition partner VVD. "Those advocating that everyone just have to figure out for themselves and you're better off if you have to negotiate on your own about your working conditions." According Asscher VVD betrays the middle class and the backbone of the Netherlands. He accused the party too "bleak materialism".

Samson and Monasch

Asscher That would be a candidate, Thursday was already known. That same day parliamentarian Jacques Monasch announced that he wants to join the party leader election. The current party leader, Diederik Samson, reported earlier.

Other candidates can sign up until next Monday. In the subsequent period, the candidates will engage in a debate and from 24 November to 8 December to launch the Labour members than their voice. The results will be announced on December 9th.

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