"Are you an officer soon pick the leaves from the track?"

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"Premature and unwise," "The traveler shoots nothing here" and "It's good to reverse liberalization". The opinions on the plans to accommodate ProRail by the Ministry vary, but the criticism sounds the loudest.


Some of the opposition parties in the House does not understand why now changes the organization of the railway manager. Also, trade union FNV Spoor and the works of ProRail themselves feel nothing for.

FNV Spoor find the cabinet step premature and unwise. "For the summer following Fyra- debate decided to investigate, so that can make the government a choice after the election four scenarios for the future of ProRail. If the Secretary of State decide to bring ProRail already under the Ministry, connect them advance possibilities, we are not, "says director Jacqueline Lohle in the NOS Radio 1 News.

According to FNV are employees of ProRail are not waiting to become official. "They are professionals in the track that, they want to do with the other rail companies. Take special care to more companies come closer together, not further apart."

Lohle points out that the new management of ProRail employ only half a year. "Enter the new management a chance to set things right. The performance is now better and the finances are in order. Give people a chance." FNV is considering steps.

Opposition party CDA is not in favor of the plans of the Cabinet. Geurts MP warns of an extended period of uncertainty. "The traveler shoots nothing here," he says. "The usefulness and necessity is unclear, which need to be clearly before you take something."

Geurts also believes that the new management has time. "We believe that director Pier Eringa functioning well. About 90 percent of the trains running on time, which has never been so high. Let the new management trying to prove himself."


He points out that the organization will soon be the same as those of the tax authorities. "You know what is happening there. Do we have that now better view? I think that is not the case."

The MP believes that the plans of Secretary Dijksma are motivated primarily politically opportunistic. "I really wonder whether an official at the ministry soon leaves the track goes away. If something goes wrong in a hospital, the health minister do not nationalize hospitals? I understand very well that employees of ProRail are furious."

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