Couple man like house slaves held remains stuck

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Lawyer Roel van Faassen the suspect caravan couple Adje B. (58) and Gretha K. (45) from the Twente Tubbergen asks three judges today to release the couple. The couple is accused of threatening for eight years and exploiting a 31-year-old mentally retarded man. For now it remains couple behind bars.


The man was like a kind huisslaa f 16 hours a day have had to work in their business cycle. If he does not work properly would have to, he would be locked up in a caravan or shed at the trailer of the B's in the parish. The retarded man would have had to deposit his Wajong B.'s bank account.

The criminal case against the two was kicked off today with a so-called pro forma session.The lawyer for the couple wants that their pre-trial detention is suspended or canceled.

Incriminating statements
Prosecutor Els Martens objected to successfully counter. She pointed to highly incriminating statements of the daughter and son of the couple.

The B's are locked up since mid-July. He was in prison in Almere, they are in the women's wing in Zwolle. It is expected that the three judges decide immediately on the request to set them at liberty.

Interim measures
The Tubbergen housing association conducted October 6 a lawsuit against the couple. It was argued that they would have caused serious nuisance and had threatened their neighbors. At the notary fourteen anonymous testimonies were recorded.

It was also reported that the B. family had 748 euros rent arrears. The rental of their caravan was three months and one week unpaid lawyer Marieke Douwenga argued on behalf of the corporation. The judge decided Thursday on the request to keep the B. of their employment.

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