Hundreds of burial unknown girl

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An unidentified girl has been allowed to get a decent farewell. Hundreds of people came in Oxford to a funeral of a baby whose name or family is unknown. Runners who found the baby girl, called her Raihana, reports Metro UK.

Naamloos-3705-289-13low-3.pngEarlier this month, the girl was found along a road in Oxford. Raihana was stillborn and placed next to the road. Agents have done their best to find the family of the child for burial.During a call from the police at a press conference, broke one of the agents in tears.


After that action was soon set up to raise money for the funeral of the girl. In a white coffin the girl has been buried. Raihana got a small sign not to forget her. Hundreds of people came to the funeral to Raihana to pay their last respects. Her family has so far not been found yet.


Agent Jim Holmes announced that they do everything to find the girl's family. He is also the one who gave the girl her name. Raihana means' heavenly flower "in Arabic. "For someone so short was on earth, you have a lot of people got into our community and in this country," he said in an emotional speech. "You have left an indelible expression."

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