Owners Note 7 angry over damage claims by Samsung

Gepubliceerd op 20 oktober 2016 om 14:47

Samsung is not willing to damage caused after a Galaxy Note 7 caught fire, to compensate. So say three American owners at The Guardian.


One of them, Wesley Hartzog, had his seven discs connected to a charger in the garage where the fire originated. Hartzog says his house is uninhabitable by the fire.

According to The Guardian, scientists have not yet able to determine with certainty that the Note 7 is the cause of the fire, but Hartzog, who works as a fireman, thinks this is the case.


Not only motorcycles, automobiles and bicycles are damaged by the fire, which also applies to the water heater and electrical wiring.

Samsung employees would have promised him at first to ensure a hotel and meals. But then Samsung called the insurance stating that this would not happen. A month after the fire Hartzog own words still with Samsung in conversation.


John Barwick was in his own words awakened by a hissing sound: the phone of his wife was on fire. The bedside table was damaged and the bedroom was among the chemicals.Barwick estimates the damage at about $ 9000.

He has several times contacted Samsung and finally got to hear from the insurance that nothing would be reimbursed. Samsung was only willing to pick up the phone and explore.The third owner of a Note 7 Shawn Minter has similar experience.

Why Samsung as dealing with complaints is not clear from the story. The article is not the company's response. The NOS Samsung has asked for comment, but received no reply.

The NIS Editors: Photo: AFP

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