With legs on the table is not there at EU summit

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It seemed a good idea of ​​the Italian Prime Minister Renzi: with legs on table talking quietly about sanctions against Russia, refugee flows and trade agreements. take decisions, but good analyze what actually wants the European Union.


But the actuality is merciless. Value Pretty discuss sanctions against Russia seems impossible without examine Russia's role in Aleppo. And while Renzi'd like it to be on the usefulness and necessity of the sanctions. Working the steps whether political differences should not be resolved in any other way?

Another point of discussion is the trade agreements. The Government wanted to talk about the future of the agreements made with other big exporters. The resistance of citizens to endure as TTIP has also penetrated the European Council in Brussels. The question is: how do you make in future trade agreements?

The Walloons throw what this debate concerns spanner in the works. The time that a treaty was a beautiful ceremony in which Government could put before the eye of the camera, in a stately hall, a signature is over. The Walloon government still refuses to approve the CETA-trade agreement between Canada and the EU well.

And instead of a discussion about the future is the politics of everyday life. That means veiled threats against the Walloons that they can get rid of it once the funding for employment projects if they persist in their refusal to ratify the CETA treaty.

Furthermore, the blame game begins, or 'whose fault is it "also at play. The European Commission is now full in the wind. After all, it was President Juncker this summer ruled that national parliaments should have their say about the trade agreements.

Remier Rutte is a similar problem. He tries to explain to the other leaders tonight once during the dinner Netherlands 'no' said to the treaty with Ukraine. He will say that the opposition in the Netherlands give him any space. The question that follows is whether someone knows a trick. If anyone can help him, because he is otherwise forced to be a tough Waal.

And then talk to the Government also about the increasing flow of refugees. Slowly but surely come back to people in the Greek islands, the flow through Bulgaria is increasing and the number of boat people to risk the crossing to Italy is comparable to last year.

The desert is the new British prime minister May. It's her first EU summit. She was not in Bratislava. The other leaders want to be updated on the brexit.

The NIS Editors: Photo: EPA

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