Community service for reckless handling of asbestos

Gepubliceerd op 20 oktober 2016 om 15:00

The court in England two men sentenced to community service. They were in a building in Dodewaard organized an activity while they knew there was asbestos in the building.


The two were also given suspended prison terms, reports Omroep Gelderland .


The two men ran the former brickworks Waal Waard in Dodewaard. Since many activities were organized. According to the public, they have hundreds of visitors endangered and asbestos deliberately ignored.

The judge is not entirely in the discretion of the OM. The court said that it became clear at the hearing that the suspects suffering from the situation. The court has also considered the sentences imposed in similar cases and has therefore decided to impose only suspended jail sentences.

By Editors NOS: Broadcasting Gelderland

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