Officially rehabilitation for convicted homosexuals in England

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Thousands of gay and bisexual deceased British men convicted in the past for sexual acts with other adult men get posthumous rehabilitation.


Living homosexuals who used to be convicted of their sexual orientation, whether reparation could apply to the Ministry of Interior, but this is now automatically applied to everyone.

It just goes to men who have been convicted of sexual acts which are no longer punishable.Attorney Sam Gyimah calls the move "extremely important". The government is thus an agreement after 2013, when the famous British mathematician and cryptographer Alan Turing received an official rehabilitation. Turing was arrested in 1952 for homosexual acts.Two years later he was found dead, believed he committed suicide.

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Turing could choose between following his arrest two penalties: one year imprisonment or chemical castration. He chose the first option. On June 7, 1954 he was found dead with an apple that was claimed that it was poisoned with cyanide. The official cause of death is suicide, but some people claim he was murdered by the British secret service because he was aware of many secret codes.

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According Gyimah it is "important that we offer our apologies to those who have been punished ever here, because they are innocent in the present," he tells the BBC .

Not everyone sees sit this formal form of reparation. The 92-year-old George Montague, which calls itself the oldest gay Brighton, was sentenced in 1974 for "indecent practices" with a man. He does not rehabilitation, but sorry, he tells the BBC: "If you accept this, it means you agree with the fact that you were guilty I've never been guilty I'm only guilty because I in the wrong place at the wrong thing.. was time. "

Homosexuality has long been banned in England. In some parts of the United Kingdom it was only in the 80 legally, including in Northern Ireland and Scotland. In England and Wales that happened in 1967.

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