Illegal betting in Rotterdam have to pay tons of fine

Gepubliceerd op 20 oktober 2016 om 15:27

The two owners of illegal betting in Rotterdam have been fined 370,000 euros by the Gaming Authority. It is one of the highest fines imposed by the Gaming Authority ever.


The entrepreneurs offer games on computers as Lotto / Toto and Runnerz which is bet on horse racing. That is allowed, but one thing must have a license and that is not the case.

"Mixing of legal and illegal gambling is a serious matter," says the Gaming Authority. "Legal service providers are thus involved in an illegal gokcircuit", reports RTV Rijnmond .

Fifteen computers

For possession of fifteen computers used to bet on sporting events was fined 123 750 euros. And because the owners when customers gave the impression that they had a license to offer games of chance, they have to pay another 250,000 euros.

The Gaming Authority visited end of 2015, twice the illegal bookies. The owners were then given a warning, but few of them withdrew to.

If the owners continue their gambling activities, they will be prosecuted.

The NIS Editors / Photo: RTV Rijnmond

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