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The government should ensure that medical specialists are employed. Most clinicians have now their own 'thing'. A majority wants to rid of because the hospitals according to them can work much more efficiently and cheaply.

House majority thinks treatments more efficiently and cheaply


PvdA, SP, D66, CU and GL have included in their election. "We want doctors no longer are private islands within the hospitals," said parliamentarian Pia Dijkstra (D66). Also PVV MP Reinette Klever wants doctors employed. "Then they can treat more patients because they spend less time on their records, meetings and appointments with accountants," she says.Labour MP Lea Bouwmeester think the plan will facilitate cooperation between hospitals and specialists. It can also counteract the incentive for 'overdeclareren.

A large part of the political parties would also introduce a maximum income for medical specialists. CDA, PvdA, SP, GL and PVV are in favor of this. That is also a parliamentary majority. Clinicians must include the so-called Law Standards Top incomes (WNT) attack, known as the Balkenende norm. VVD MP Anoushka Schut sees not sit. "If you need surgery, you just want the best doctor. If we have to pay more than I prefer than a less good doctor is. "

According to the accountants of the Central Planning provides the salaried doctors taking the only long-term money. They should be clear bailed out of their partnership. That costs the first year only money. If, however they also be covered by the WNT, which is immediately profitable. The government will then retrieve about 300 million it annually.

Not all medical specialists working from partnerships. In university hospitals, they are on the payroll. In a few other hospitals is emerging.

In the VVD and PvdA coalition there is also something about the incomes of hospital doctors. Referring to a 2012 report from the committee Meurs. This committee concluded that Dutch medical specialists in partnerships, including in relation to the rest of the world, very much deserve. However, the potential to contain it are limited, say the experts. The coalition agreement states that the report is a guide for the government.

In the last government, Minister Schippers (Health) opened a financial arrangement that allows physicians were encouraged to move to an employment context. However, the scheme was not very successful.

Also, the VVD state secretary hospitals and doctors forced to improved cooperation. Where previously the medical specialists themselves negotiating with insurers on the price for treatments and insurers declareerden, happens nowadays through and in consultation with the hospital. The small partnerships previously, there are almost no more. Instead, the super partnerships including various specialties.

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