Houses earthquake region Groningen hard sell

Gepubliceerd op 21 oktober 2016 om 09:50

Homes in the earthquake zone in Groningen since the earthquake Huizinge in 2012 (with a magnitude of 3.6) less and less easy to sell. They are for sale much longer. It reports the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) Friday.

Naamloos-3815low-7.pngThe end of June stood at municipalities within the earthquake zone houses on average 566 days for sale. That is more than 4.5 months longer than in comparable municipalities just outside the area.

The sales draw as elsewhere in the country. The prices of homes sold in the earthquake zone grew last year by 2.4 percent, against 3.4 percent in the surrounding regions.However, the recent recovery in the national housing market in the quake area started later.

Of a large exodus from the earthquake zone is moreover no question, but residents of the earthquake area who are planning to relocate, are willing to leave their town much more frequently than in a 'normal' housing market is common.

The study was commissioned by the National Coordinator of Groningen.

By Editors AD: Photo: ANP / Dennis F. Brook

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