House Foundation Tubbergen B. couple may turn caravan

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The housing association Tubbergen allowed the caravan-couple Adje B. (58) and Gretha K. (45) removing their place at the Verdistraat 23 and 25 in the parish. Almelose that the interim relief judge Gert van Eerden decided this Thursday.

Naamloos-3815low-9.pngThe corporation spanned the procedure and asked permission to vacate the place within a week.

Suspected of exploitation
Mrs B. was informed on Monday July 11 in the early hours of bed and stuck ever since. The couple are suspected that they retarded Jeffrey (31) for eight years would have exploited as a glorified 'house slave'. The criminal case on that began this week and continues early January.

Complaining neighbors
Following their arrest kept the town a closed information evening. There, local residents complained about serious threats and nuisance from noise and odor. At the next session recorded a notary fourteen anonymous testimonies. Who brought the house foundation in the interlocutory proceedings. B. The couple and their lawyer Roel Faassen found difficult to check the nameless witnesses. Asked why the housing association auditor previously had pulled the alarm.

"Rental Debt '
The corporation also introduced a to 748 euros on rent arrears as a reason for expulsion on.According to the administration had the B. family three months and one week not paid the rent for their pitch. In rent disputes exceeding the three-month limit in general is crucial.

Pay money
Within 14 days 750.84 euros must be transferred to the housing association. In addition, an amount on top of 1044.42 euros for legal costs on the side of the house foundation, plus 229.99 euros per month because of rent payable from October 1 until the date of full evacuation.

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