Computer Girl Sweetie will not Dutch pedophile behind bars

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The probability that the use of virtual lokmeisje Sweetie leads to the successful conviction of Dutch pedophile sex tourists, with us is much smaller than in other countries. Conclude researchers from Leiden University and the University of Tilburg. According to them, this is due to the strict Dutch criminal law.

Naamloos-3815low-11.pngAccording to Bart Schermer, associate professor at the University of Leiden, the Dutch criminal law the use of a computer program as Sweetie not yet explicitly allow. Also, it is anyway punishable by a virtual person clear in his or Webcam.

No real person
Schermer explains that the actions of a person must meet all the elements of a so-called 'offense' to be criminalized. But because in the articles on sexual offenses everywhere is that it must involve fornication with "a person who has not attained the age of 18 years," we can in men Sweetie approach never speak of an offense. Sweetie is no real person.

Schermer: ,, You would expect that it is enough for the law Sweetie clearly has the appearance of a ten year old and looks like a real girl. But there are very strict looked at the fact that she is not a real person and can operate without human control. "

Creative solution
A creative solution to work around it is also not possible. As alleged pedophiles can not be arrested for attempted fornication. ,, You can not try something that's not illegal, "says Schermer. The police can not get the information they provided by Sweetie used as a reason to further investigate someone. The Dutch law can not be circumvented by further persecution basing a possible pedophile in a European law.

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