Aviation fears black market for tickets

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Plans to release the sale of airline tickets, according to lead carriers to profiteering.

Naamloos-3815low-13.pngAmsterdam Trad Your Trip fighting since early this year for a relaxation of the rules for selling airline tickets. Trad Your TripAdvisor provides travelers through the site's ability to sell holidays by 'when it does not suits.

By law, the tour company in such a case only the administrative costs of changing the name of the passenger - 27 euros - may charge.


In practice, often deviate from this rule. Who tries to sell a single ticket, has to take a loss of hundreds of euros on the sale. ,, This leads to enormous frustration among consumers, '' said Mark van der Wal Trad Your Trip. ,, Everything you buy, can be resold again. Only tickets not. ''

The start-up is supported by the Consumers' Association and the parliamentary group of the PvdA. Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs (VVD) has agreed to delve further into the matter.

Big consequences

What seems a simple service to buyers of tickets, will, according to airlines like KLM and easyJet and travel industry have major consequences for those same consumers. Like all years, the case for concert and theater tickets traders will throw themselves en masse on airline tickets to resell later at much higher prices. They need thereby only have to give up nepnamen, which can be changed freely.

,, That puts us, the ticket sellers, and ultimately the consumer offside, '' said Harm Kreulen, director of KLM The Netherlands. ,, This will drastically disrupt the sale of airline tickets.Tickets that we offer at the lowest rates are non-refundable; we make it very clear in our actions. The traveler who wants it, can buy a more expensive ticket with less stringent conditions. ''

Usurious trade

It never came out of massive profiteering in charter packages. ,, We are the first to provide a platform for the transfer of travel, while the rules have existed since 1990. ''

Van der Wal says he is a fierce opponent of profiteering. ,, I am Trad Your Trip began to help consumers, not to boost the profiteering. With us you should never travel for more sell than their original price. ''

Target TUI

TUI until now the main target of the Amsterdam start-up. TUI says to have no problem. ,, When a customer calls in to us with a request, we ask all concerned services of the trip what the costs are. It is then up to the client whether he finds acceptable, '' said Petra TUI Cook.

Journeys carried out by its own charter airline TUIfly are converted standard for 27 euros. ,, But for individual tickets or packages with scheduled flights is different. ''

And that is why the Consumers interferes with the ticket issue. ,, We just find it unfair that people with a package can change the name for 27 euros but flights are often hundreds of euros to pay, '' said Joyce Donat.

Supervision 'impossible'

Kreulen find this nonsense: ,, supervision is impossible, 'he says. ,, As a provider you never get a grip on it, you can see that concert tickets. As a provider of the tickets have tied our hands; We can not legally prescribe selling others. It's easy to say, but legally and operationally not to organize. ''

According to KLM's adaptation of the ticket rules a solution to a problem that does not exist.Travelers can always ask for leniency in emergencies. This allowed during the crisis zika travelers who wanted to travel to affected countries, their ticket rebooking free of charge.EasyJet also sees the problem. ,, A small adjustment is with us always possible, '' says director William Vet.

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