Set hours in jail after purchasing washer

Gepubliceerd op 28 oktober 2016 om 12:24

The purchase of a washing machine is for Jeffrey Brass (22 from Toldijk) and his girlfriend Kelly Vouchers Berg (also 22, from Doetinchem) led to an hour-long stay in the cell.


Brass wanted to settle Wednesday the device in the Media Markt in Doetinchem, but used while four fake notes of 50 euros. Got a guy who a few weeks earlier had bought the Golf IV from him for 1,700 euros, paid in 34 notes of 50 euros.

Wednesday appeared in eight of those false notes. An unpleasant surprise for the couple that goes together in Doetinchem and in the days before the money had already made several purchases for their new home. ,, Then there was ever anything wrong, "says Messing.

Wednesday note: the couple was put in the cell around 12.00 to pay with counterfeit money, as again there until around 17:00. With an empty stomach, and 400 euros poorer. ,, We are treated like criminals, while we are innocent, "said Kelly Vouchers Mountain. The couple feels ripped off.

Monday's Brass declare, because the money he wants to return. ,, I hope that the police arrested the perpetrator, so I'm back at least some of my money. "

The police are now investigating who paid with counterfeit money and the exact origin of the bills.

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