Police Academy involved in disappearance case Hanno van Mil

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The investigation into the disappearance of Amersfoorter Hanno van Mil has been extended by more than ten pairs of eyes. It turns out to students and it is a collaboration with the police academy. Ruud Booiman team missing people from the police central Netherlands explains.


You give the matter now in the hands of students? That sounds like an act of desperation.
,,Nothing is less true. To immediately help a misunderstanding: this is certainly not aspiring policemen. The additional forces are fully fledged police officers with experience. They follow in addition to their work a detective-training at the police academy. ''

Why ask for help from the academy?
,, In the case of missing Hanno van Mil, we have as well researched as anything. All of his courses we investigated, turned inside computers and agenda, financial behaviors and so on. Everything is recorded in schedules. There are several possible scenarios of what may have happened on that 15th April 2014. But perhaps we see things overlooked. There are more opportunities imaginable. We hope that the extra powers come new ideas. ''

What do they do exactly?
,, They have access to the entire file and go to study and discuss. A so-called review called.The hope is that new scenarios on the table, which further sort out his worth. The police academy is helping us and we propose a case available for such a review. That is an important part of the detectives in training. ''

How long will the extra research?
,, There are some months extended. The new people are going to be coached by two people from our team. Moreover, the review has been discussed with the family of Hanno van Mil. ''

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