Assistance shorten allowed in sharing home

Gepubliceerd op 1 november 2016 om 14:16

Who is on welfare and property shares with one or more other adults can be deducted from the benefit. The Central Appeals Court decided today that the so-called "cost-denominator standard ', which went into effect on January 1, 2015, is allowed.


The highest court in the area of, inter alia, pension law and social administrative law ruled on the application of the standard cost divider in thirteen cases. Also, social assistance recipients who share a home because they give or receive care, will be affected by the reduction of the benefit.

The reason, according to the council that housing costs can be shared by residents. New element in the law is that the amount to be deducted is higher when there are more inmates. The more there are, the lower unpack assistance. ,, With the reduction remains the legislature ensured the safety net of assistance, it pays continue to work and will contribute to bringing the coffers of the government in order. ''


Last month, Secretary Jetta Klijnsma of Social Affairs announced that an exception will be made for pensioners with an incomplete state pension to rely on additional assistance for the elderly (AIO). For this group of elderly people, the government will make extra money.People with a full AOW have yet not to deal with the cost standard divisor.

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