Supreme Court: Police should not ethnic profiling in traffic

Gepubliceerd op 1 november 2016 om 14:32

The police can not just pick on the street any vehicle for a traffic based solely on the ethnic or religious characteristics or backgrounds of the driver or the passenger. That the Supreme Court ruled today in a case of so-called dynamic traffic controls.


With this kind of control a particular car to stop admonished, especially in those who the police think that they are criminally active. The agents are often not the traffic police, but the police.

The Supreme Court is a ruling in a case in which a defendant was acquitted of drug charges in such a dynamic traffic control. In this particular case the police according to the Supreme Court, however, had acted correctly because this first actual license and registration were checked.

The police must not discriminate when selecting a car for a check, but it is in this case not proven, according to the Supreme Court. The case must be done because the police, unlike the court previously determined, the power to traffic has not misused.

Anne Marie Zwaneveld, ombudsman in Rotterdam, said last week during a debate at the Police Academy that agents always have to explain why they like someone standing. ,, You have basically the right to be left alone. "

At that meeting gave police chief Erik pole that controls where only ethnicity plays a role "unfortunately occur frequently. ,, It is an urgent and major problem and the police. '

From a report commissioned by the Police Research and Science showed earlier that the police often immigrants citizens wrongly maintains. Forty percent of the controls do cops because they suspected crime can not be justified.

Ethnic minorities are over-represented in the audits examined by agents with respect to their share in the population, as the researchers note. More than half of the people who were stopped were immigrants.

In June came rapper Typhoon and Feyenoord Goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer still big in the news criticizing the police. The 32-year-old Zwolle rapper was stopped because of his young age, his skin color combined with his expensive car. Vermeer also thought used to be held because of his Jaguar. This was followed by a public debate about ethnic profiling.

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