Party for the Animals wants ban on zoos and Shops

Gepubliceerd op 1 november 2016 om 15:54

Election program Made Party for the Animals tilt in the election, which was released this afternoon, the love of animals to the next level. They should in no way even serve as entertainment for people.


How to find the party to pet stores to stop selling animals, are prohibited scholarships and go horse and bird markets captivated.

All the zoos, including the Dolphinarium, must now serve as temporary shelter for animals that can not survive or can not be put back them in their original habitat. Breeding of animals to supply other zoos stops immediately.

,, By sticking to our ideals, we can give the Netherlands a completely different look. I want everyone calls so far: Hold fast to your ideals and come into opposition, "said Marianne Thieme!.

Animal rights must eventually end up in the Constitution, says the Party for the Animals. ,, The many animal welfare is jeopardized by the way they are bred, sold, held or slain. "

So also need stricter legal requirements for the welfare of animals in petting zoos. And as regards this party, the prohibition of circus animals not only for wild animals (tigers, elephants), but for all the animals.

Also, competition flights pigeons are no longer allowed. And to avoid impulse buying, selling animals must the world over the internet, garden centers and markets. A cooling-off period is established for the purchase of animals.

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