Ten years in prison for death trucker who drives through telephone family

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Polish trucker Tomasz Kroker today condemned England to a prison sentence of ten years for the death of a mother and three children. The 30-year-old truck driver was on the fatal day working on his smartphone and drove thus filled the car in Tracy Houghton and her children.


The fatal moment today brought out in court images on the A34 on August 10. Then we see how the mesh is busy with his phone to put on another song, when suddenly a file arisen for him.

The completely surprised trucker tried to brake, but can at the moment do little more than to sit tight with both hands on his steering wheel for the blow. The passenger of the family ended up under the truck. There was almost nothing left.

Mother Tracy (45) and her children Josh (11), Ethan (13) and her step-daughter Aimee (11) were killed. Another man was seriously injured, four others were injured. Tracy's husband and their other son Jake stood further up the highway. The family was returning from a camping trip.

The images of the accident are distributed to highlight the dangers of phones behind the wheel.

Tomasz Kroker Reading Crown Court pleaded guilty to reckless driving and manslaughter.Weeping, he heard his punishment: ten years in prison. Five months before the incident he had become the first father himself. Barely an hour before the fatal crash he had signed a statement in which he promised his phone use behind the wheel.

Judge Maura McGowan was strict in its judgment. ,, Your attention was so bad that you had to drive with your eyes closed as well, "he said.

The court was filled with relatives of the victims and survivors of the crash. Many could not hold back their tears when the images were shown of the accident. Some left the courtroom to avoid having to relive the horror.

At present the media family made a desperate plea to all motorists to never use their mobile phone while driving. ,, A second distraction is enough to kill someone, to destroy someone's life, to destroy my family, destroy your family. Stop it, please note! "

By Editors AD: Private Photo: Josh and Ethan

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