"Stop adopting children from abroad '

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Netherlands must stop the adoption of children from abroad. The right of children to grow up in a family in the country of origin, should be paramount unconditionally, is the Council for Criminal Justice and Protection of Juveniles (RSJ).


The Council today provide such advice to the government. ,, A child is always better off in a family than in a home and it is very important that a child continuity of education '' says juvenile court Jolande Calkoen, who is a member of the RSJ, Wednesday in Trouw .

,, So that it remains in an environment where it knows the culture, the social environment and the language. ''

The child has a right to a family life in their own country. This right is at stake. "The agreement is that foreign adoption can only be considered if the country can not provide shelter. But for adoption organizations to monitor it almost impossible if all options are explored. Thus children can end up in foreign countries, while there was to find a (foster) family the best in their own country, "says the Council.

A first step would Netherlands immediately to terminate the adoptive relationship with China, the US and EU countries. In China is not to determine whether the procedure has been completed in accordance with the rules; the US and EU countries like Hungary, Poland and Portugal considers the RSJ the 'implausible' that they themselves are unable to bring up his children in a family in their own country.

The RSJ's the advice beyond what is asked. The government asked to choose from RSJ improvement scenarios. The formation of a public service which mediates adoption, is preferred. But rather the board sees that adoption is terminated completely.

Market forces
The RSJ believes that a demand-driven market "created by the desire of Western parents to adopt foreign children and the financial interests involved. This market trades in children without family and not always represents the interests of the child paramount, says the RSJ.

,, The fact that homes are not military, it does point out that it seems to be a demand-driven market. It also appeared that most of the children offered for adoption, does have parents.They are not being. You can then ask how to do it from a child really was the intention of that mother, '' says Calkoen. ,, It is better and more durable to help in the building of child protection in the country of origin. ''

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