Man takes revenge after 17 years on mathematics teacher (60)

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A 32-year resident of Agelo came his former mathematics teacher in the night from Saturday to Sunday after more than 17 years by chance at a cafe in Tilligte. A cozy reunion was not


The Ageloër gave the teacher from scratch a few blows on his head. The man of 32 was from his distant past school have a bone to pick with his former teacher.

The 60-year-old teacher from Weerselo hit by the blows while unconscious, and kept a head wound about the abuse.

Monday, he nevertheless gave 'normal' again teaching at his school in Oldenzaal, location Pots Kampstraat of Twents Carmel College. He has done already reported the abuse. It is expected that the Ageloër will be held a few days and interrogated.

At the school in Oldenzaal has reacted with shock and dismay at the cruelty of the teacher.,, This is ridiculous, "says location manager Marcel Snijders. ,, The man is already down more than 17 years of school and must now take a bit of revenge. It's just unbelievable."

What trifle then passed Snijders not know. Or that he can not imagine a lot in there. ,, I know this teacher very well, we are already at least 40 years old colleagues here at school. And if there is one involved with the students and is very near to them, then it's him. I have no idea what the offender has been bothering you. "

Although the teacher is back at work, Mills knows that his colleague was taken aback by the assault. ,, We now have accidentally at school a week of action on standards and values, and how we interact. If not, in any case. "

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