Hate Imam has free reign here

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By Belgium expelled hate Imam El Alami Amaouch shows certainly a year to operate in the Netherlands. He preaches in Veenendaal.


Which sources tell this newspaper. The dreaded hate imam in Belgium incited his followers to travel to Syria, it appears more than a year to go quietly are underway in the Netherlands.The police are tipped, but there is no intervention. In Belgium bore Amaouch include stir by begging Allah to cut off a secular Moroccan poet tongue.

Remarkably, the Ministry of Security and Justice last Saturday announced yet that the Dutch-Moroccan imam 'focus will be monitored when it comes to the Netherlands. But here is no mention that he's been months is signaled in Veenendaal.

Last year, an unknown person to the police report preaching Amaouch. The imam would on 'several places' in Veenendaal. Belgium was already working hard at expanding the hate imam, according to the Secretary of State for Asylum 'poison for young Muslims "is. Not only his followers are radical, called his son to kill in a video on Christians and apostates.

That he just stops in Veenendaal, has to do with the family, the imam at this location. A spokesman for the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) says it is known that the imam regularly spotted in the Netherlands. ,, He can cross the border because there is free movement of people, but we will keep an eye on him. ''

His sermons can not be prohibited as long Amaouch complies with the limits of the law. ,, If he commits crimes, he was arrested. ''

Police in Utrecht wants because of "privacy reasons" not substantive discussions on the matter. Mayor Wouter Kolff van Veenendaal would just say that he does not recognize the image of an imam who hate unhindered could take its course. ,, Especially since more than two years ago, a 18-year-old girl uitreisde to Syria, there is plenty of attention for radicalization. We have good contacts with the security services and the police in this area and know what's going on. "

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