Criticism of private party Van der Steur Minister in Paris

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There is fuss about a party that Secretary Ard van der Steur previously held this year in the ambassador's residence in Paris. The minister gave the party without being paid for the location. The ambassador's residence is funded by taxpayers' money. The Hague is now the question arose whether that should a minister who uses an ambassador's residence for a private party.


Van der Steur (Security and Justice) shows a reaction that he himself has paid the bill for catering and musicians who were at the meeting. According to the Minister, he organized a classical concert to recruit donors every year since 2003 for the national musical fund.

It was decided in consultation with the ambassador of France to hold the concert this time in the residence of the ambassador. Other organizations and companies holding them sometimes meetings, the minister said.

The Dutch ambassador's residence is known primarily as a large part of the famous French film Intouchables is included. The elegant building dates back to 1723.

According to Van der Steur, the embassy pays only at official meetings account for example the catering. In other cases the residence free of charge made available and that cost for those who hold the meeting. Invitations to this concert were sent by Van der Steur itself.After the concert, he announced his engagement.

CDA MP Van Toorenburg said in De Telegraaf, which speaks of an "engagement party" that you do this as a minister "simply should not do." ,, Or should we choose to make it possible for all Dutch, not exclusive to the minister, "adds SP Member of Parliament Van Nispen on.

The Foreign Ministry says no to have guidelines for private use of the residences, as in Paris. The handbook for incoming ministers prohibits this practice is not explicitly.

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