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More than 11 percent of the children in group 7 or 8 of primary school is struggling at home. They have been through three or more profound experiences. This enables Augeo, an organization dedicated to addressing child abuse.


TNO research institute conducted the survey. A total of 664 children from 23 schools participated, spread all over the country. The children were asked what they are experiencing and have experienced, for example, by asking questions like: "Are you ever afraid of your parents?" or "Do you think your parents enough support?".

Most often they called divorce, emotional abuse, emotional neglect, physical abuse and witnessing violence between parents.

The more stressful experiences witness children, how unhappy and unhealthy they say feel, says Augeo.

Teachers and masters
The organization recommends that teachers gain more knowledge about the effects of constant stress. They need to learn how they can help the children when they are at school.

The research is Wednesday awarded to Kinderombudsvrouw Margrite Kalverboer and Princess Laurentien. She leads a roundtable discussion Wednesday between children, young people and people from education.

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