Also this year the black St. a positive message

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New Mount St. Saturday, a week before the "real" St. arrives in Netherlands, again set foot in Amsterdam.


Like last year, also takes this year's Black Saint, or actor Patrick Mathurin, an entry in Amsterdam. Mathurin is thereby not accompanied by helpers, but sintjes. "I am a Santa Claus without servant."

New St. arriving Saturday at 10 am at the jetty at the Stopera. "I have a festive brass band and dancers at me and I'm going to make a party," Mathurin said.

The aim of the alternate entry, which takes place a week before the "real" St. arriving in the Netherlands, is to again make a positive celebration of Sinterklaas.

Positive effect
Mathurin does not want to get bogged down in the generally negative tone of the discussion Piet. "I want a solution and not get stuck with the problem," he says.

He also hopes the black St. to have a positive effect on all children with a tan. "Children need role models," he told last year Het Parool . "The traditional feast indicates that matter misrepresented White St. sits high on his horse and his black assistants running around him A black Saint radiates:.. You can be anything, even Santa Claus."

After arrival at the Waterloo, the New Saint by underground - to a notion of King Willem-Alexander - to the Arena. There he gets into a carriage with two horses, which brings him to the Bijlmerparktheater. Under the motto "a Saint in every child ', he calls on all children to wear a miter. Children with the most miters get a prize.

Mathurin says it wants an entry "where everyone is happy." "I want to bring a positive message of love, peace and friendship. I want to make the children aware of their own talents and clear that it is important to take good care of yourself."

Last year, the new Saint was already in Amsterdam. "That was on the Friday before the official Sinterklaas entry and that was not so convenient, there were not many people. Hopefully this year different."

Mathurin makes since 2008 as an artist strongly for a new interpretation of the children's party. He appears regularly at events with a miter on his head and shares of red and white roses. Recently he walked along with the diversity parade Ieder1.

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