PTA president mentions possible move terrible

Gepubliceerd op 3 november 2016 om 16:07

Terrible, as director René Kouwenberg mentions the intention to remove the cruise terminal in Amsterdam city center. "This is not a solution for the crowds in the city."


Kouwenberg responds to the speech alderman kajsa ollongren (Economics and Port) gave Thursday at a meeting of the Amsterdam Port Authority. She finds it "inevitable" that the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, where the cruise boats dock, leaves from the Piet Hein Kade. "The city must be relieved."

Kouwenhoven understand anything. "Only two percent of visitors to Amsterdam with a cruise boat. Half of them go by bus in the region. The move is presented as a solution for the crowds, but that's not it."

Open arms
According bring the PTA director cruise boats bring tourists to the city proper should welcome with open arms. "Some passengers give half an hour to thousands of euros in jewels. These are not the people who stand to urinate in doorways."

Kouwenhoven fears that some companies no longer comes to Amsterdam as the terminal moves to a place outside the city center.

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