34 years in prison for killing fish and Severein

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For the murder of volleyball star Ingrid Visser and her partner Louis Severein today sentenced two men in Spain to 34 years in prison. Main suspect Juan Cuenca and his Romanian accomplice Ion Valentin were both found guilty by the jury.


The two convicts have the four close relatives also have to pay damages totaling 200,000 euros. A second Romanian Constantin Stan, was the jury guilty to cutting the body into pieces. He needs five months in jail and pay a compensation of 16,000 euros.

Last week, a Spanish folk jury already known that two of the three defendants guilty of the double murder. Stan, the third suspect and an accomplice were acquitted of murder. The Spanish judiciary had 50 years in prison sentence for the killers.

violent murder
Visser and Severein were very violently murdered in a remote cottage in Murcia. According to Cuenca, the two Dutch traveled to Spain to talk about the debt that had been the owner of the volleyball club in Severein.

The Dutch were with great force beaten with a heavy blunt object. Experts found no signs of resistance. From this they concluded that the victims were unable to defend, because they were detained or were attacked from behind.

business conflict
Cuenca would have had a conflict with the Dutch couple. He was more manager at the volleyball club CAV Murcia 2005, when Fisher was playing a few years. When the volleyball club went down in 2011, created large debts, including to Visser.

The volleyball star claimed a salary backlog of 60,000 euros to the club. Her partner Severein had gone into business with Cuenca: together they would operate a marble quarry.The North Hollander was not happy with the work of the Spaniard and wanted to return his investment.

Cuenca has confessed that he planned the crime in court and that he and Ion Stan hired before. Ion also known. Spanish media speak of one of the cruelest crimes of the past decades. The remains were bagged and in an orchard about 15 kilometers to the east buried .

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