'IS guys get away with family to let them fight'

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Terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) has in and around the besieged Iraqi city of Mosul killed hundreds of people as possible, notify the United Nations. The terrorist organization has also residents of Hammam al-Alil obliged to allow their sons nine years and older off, possibly to make them fight.


The United Nations today announced that the militants according to "reliable reports" 180 former government officials have been killed before they withdrew from the city Kokjali, east of Mosul. According to the same information assassinated the group as fifty own members who wanted to desert.

In addition, the UN has received information in the possible murder of about two hundred people in the besieged city itself. There are alarming reports from IS area. So would trap the terrorist movement in Tal Afar four hundred Kurdish, Shiite and Yezidi women.

Even air strikes of the international coalition claim civilian lives. The UN reported that Wednesday four women were killed by a bombing on the eastern side of Mosul. Seventeen civilians also were wounded.

human shields
According to the spokeswoman, there are new indications that IS civilians as human shields bet. A group of about 1,600 people was taken to Tal Afar, perhaps to deter bombing. The site is located west of Mosul. Some entrained citizens were told that they might be taken to Syria.

The Iraqi army is with the help of its allies on a busy major offensive to retake Mosul on IS.The extremist movement knew two years ago to gain power in the third city in the country, which nonetheless live an estimated 1.5 million people.

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