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The time that each hospital performed any type of surgery is over. This is the patient's benefit. Yet often hospitals are struggling to stop operations that they do not quite have the fingers.


Practice makes perfect. It applies to teach cycling, swimming and cutting into a human body.Surgeons must often sufficient to perform an operation in order to hold the often complex skills in the fingers.

Twenty surgery for bladder cancer tumors, fifty operations in breast cancer and at least twenty surgeries per year at an enlarged abdominal aorta: standards that medical specialists have devised and controlled by the Health Inspectorate.

The conclusion of the inspection: this is the right direction, but some hospitals are lagging behind. Still, there are hospitals that have little experience with bladder cancer surgery, but continue along here anyway. Fifteen hospitals did not reach the target last year. Of these, five were significantly below standard.

,, If a hospital has almost the norm of twenty, can you say, it'll be good next year, but hospitals are around ten operations should only do one thing: stop, '' says director Jon Schaefer of medical research MediQuest.

The standard for bladder cancer surgery has been around for several years and hospitals have been plenty of time to take action, says Schaefer. ,, The results in bladder cancer really stand out. A year earlier the figures were comparable. There is no real improvement has occurred. ''

This improvement does have taken place in recent years in other cancer types, the data show the AD Hospital Top 100. In breast cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer and pancreatic cancer or satisfy all hospitals now up to standards.

Thus, the highly specialized care for pediatric oncology is now concentrated in a few centers in the country. Schaefer: ,, Keep in mind that the Dutch standards are not as strict. The standards of good cancer care in Europe are much higher than in the Netherlands. So there are really still room for improvement. ''

Good choice
Tightening of standards will ensure that hospitals must increasingly choose what we do and what not. Choose to stop operations can be a good choice, as is evident from the Top 100. In the highest echelons of the list are not only tertiary hospitals, but also local hospitals that focus on common, simplified procedures.

The winner of the Top 100 this year is their example: Beatrix Ill enhuis Gorinchem refer patients for complex operations to Dordrecht.

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